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by | Dec 8, 2017 | News

Representatives of Bemisal received recognition from El Zamorano University during an event to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the educational institution. During the event, recognition was also given to other entities that have supported agricultural, agro-industrial and environmental growth over the years, including INSAFORP, the Chinese-Taiwan Embassy, and the HERBERT DE SOLA FOUNDATION, among others.

“On behalf of Bemisal, I humbly receive this recognition that encourages us to continue supporting such a prestigious institution as El Zamorano University. We are a company from San Salvador that believes in the Salvadoran youth and therefore we know that it is important to support education as the only way to economically and socially develop our beloved El Salvador,” said Francisco Quiñonez, president of Bemisal after receiving the award.”

On April 4, Bemisal and El Zamorano signed an agreement to join forces to strengthen human capital and contribute to access to university education for low-income Salvadorans by promoting competitiveness and scientific and technological development.

Thanks to the agreement, a professional training program has been created in favor of young Salvadoran nationals with academic excellence and low economic resources, and funds have been made available to cover 2 half scholarships during 2017 and 2018 for the two beneficiaries to pursue their fourth-year university studies at ZAMORANO (1 scholarship recipient each year), to obtain a degree in agricultural science and production, food agro-industry, agribusiness or environment and development.

Bemisal has granted a contribution of US$20,100 to Universidad El Zamorano to benefit, as a priority, students from the Department of Santa Ana, who must have maintained in the last 3 years of study an overall academic index equal to or higher than 80% or its equivalent.

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