BEMISAL positively impacts banana growers around the world

by | Dec 3, 2020 | News

Its plants, located in Santa Ana and Metapán, El Salvador, facilitate the efficient transportation of its products to markets.

By Daniel Rosales

BEMISAL, a leading manufacturer and exporter of multilayer paper sacks, commercial bags, and environmentally friendly flexible packaging, officially presents BIO MANGA®. It is an innovative protective packaging made of Kraft paper that fully protects banana bunches, which guarantees producers the achievement of premium prices for the excellent appearance of the fruit.

Its multiple qualities also include being biodegradable, resisting humidity and the rough treatment inherent in fieldwork, as well as the natural adversities of the elements, particularly rain and wind, and preventing volcanic ash and pests from damaging the fruit.

“This product catapults good practices in the banana industry. BIO MANGA disintegrates in minutes, while plastic takes hundreds of years to do so. Its dimensions facilitate rapid placement in the bunch and even paper twine can be used to tie it down. It is an excellent development to make banana plantations environmentally friendly,” explains Florence Quiñonez de Sandoval, executive director of BEMISAL.

The product is manufactured to adapt to the size of each banana bunch and, thanks to the qualities of the paper, it allows light to enter without the sun burning the fruit and damaging it.

“We are ready to meet any volume of BIO MANGA® orders, we have a high production and dispatch capacity,” says Quiñonez.

The company is currently developing other biodegradable products that will benefit the banana supply chain, in alliance with producers in Guatemala and Nicaragua and a global trading company with representation in Costa Rica.


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