BEMISAL more than half a century generating opportunities

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The company has been an engine of development for Santa Ana, providing jobs for its inhabitants.

BEMISAL is a company that started operations in October 1966, dedicated to the segment of the manufacture of flexible paper-based packaging, a leading 100% Salvadoran company that contributes greatly to the economy of Santa Ana.

With a history of more than half a century in the market, BEMISAL began operations with 14 employees, determined to grow on a large scale; currently, BEMISAL generates more than 200 direct jobs and the production of more than 120 million industrial bags and other significant quantities of products for major brands in the country and the region.

BEMISAL has two production plants located in Santa Ana and Metapán and has a team of highly trained collaborators to produce all types of packaging with state-of-the-art machinery and technology. To date, Bemisal’s regular export destinations are the United States, Mexico, Jamaica, Peru, and Central America. This area represents more than 60% of its sales.

It is a successful company in the area of packaging manufacturing, it is also a company that is committed to the academic development of its citizens while executing projects that provide healthy recreational spaces for the benefit of the people of Santa Ana.

Recognition of its trajectory
The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently awarded BEMISAL S.A., de C.V. the Cafeto Award, the highest honorary distinction with which said institution publicly rewards the work carried out by natural or legal persons for the benefit of the economic development of the Department.

The purpose of the award is to recognize the work of the businessman or company that has contributed substantially to the economic and social development of Santa Ana, and at the same time, that has set an example for the business community and the people of Santa Ana in general.

To choose the winner of the Coffee Prize, criteria such as good business performance, employment generation, investments made in the Department of Santa Ana, practices of corporate social responsibility policies, and its projection with the community are taken into consideration.

“On behalf of Bemisal, I receive this award with great pride and I want to thank our entire team of collaborators since, thanks to constant training, we have a first-class operational culture that allows us to follow up on each of the industrial safety standards;, in September 2018, our Metapán Plant celebrated 10 years without Lost Time Injury Accidents,” said Francisco Quiñónez, president of BEMISAL.

The Cafeto Award owes its name to the crop that for many years has represented the economic heritage and the main export product of the Department of Santa Ana and the entire country. This award was instituted in 1993 and since then has been given 25 times to companies, businessmen, and good citizens, in recognition of their outstanding trajectory in the sectors of industry, commerce, and the provision of services.

“I urge all the people of Santa Ana; their municipal authorities, all their legislators; the different professional, union, and business associations, the zonal heads of important government institutions; the military and police chiefs; all of them, to agree on a prosperity plan, for the benefit of all; and this implies doing something together, a single plan, a single voice, a single objective; we require a plan championed by all, to turn it into the great promoter of the prosperity we have lost and the rescue of our pride of yesteryear. How many times have we been given quintals of promises, only to receive pounds of results? An ounce of wisdom will always be better than tons of prosperity,” he said at the time of receiving the award.

Bemisal has also been previously awarded the “Entrepreneur Award”, granted by the Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI) in 2015; “Exporter Award 2015 -2016” granted by the Corporation of Exporters of El Salvador (Coexport) in 2016. Also, last February, the company received the “Recognition for 35 years of seniority” award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador.

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