Graphic Design

Bemisal has complete services with all the requirements that are necessary for creating the design for your packaging.
We offer technical creative knowledge to achieve the ideal concept for your product. Our job is to combine your ideas with the creative capabilities we have, to enhance your packaging needs.

Pre Press

The art department offers extensive graphic services to personalize your brand.

  • Elaboration of sketches
  • Preparation of digital arts
  • Printing plates
  • Ability to print full colors


The art and pre-press department offers extensive graphic services both to its direct customers of bags, sacks and rolls; likewise to the industry that needs photolith service.
Some are:

  • Elaboration of sketches.
  • Preparation of digital arts.
  • Color key.
  • Negatives.
  • Positives.
  • Photopolymer plates.


Graphic design

Pre press

Additional services

Square background




Square background

Made from Natural Kraft Paper, White Paper or Recycled Paper, these bags are a visually ideal and dynamic packaging option for your product. They are used for all types of industries, from sweets to spices, powdered and granulated products such as coffee, to delivery of different types of food.


Capacity from 1/4 lbs up to 20 lbs /
Variety of sizes /
High quality printing


They offer the advantage of being able to display the contents inside with a visible layer on the front of the bag. They are most used for products such as coffee, food, and jewelry.


Variety of sizes / Clear visibility of products inside to drive sales


A bag similar in use and design to flat bags, but with the difference that these usually have bellows on the sides to maximize the space inside it and thus offer greater amplitude for the contents.


Economic option for cold and hot food /
Greaseproof paper offers protection against stains /
Has bellows that adds breadth for more products


Flat bags include unique properties, being made from greaseproof paper, white paper or natural kraft paper. These can be used to carry food, used for envelopes and even store firecrackers such as, sparklers.


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