Known for our quality and human talent


For over fifty years Bemisal has dedicated itself to be a leader in manufacturing and exporting multilayered paper sacks, commercial bags and flexible packaging which are friendly to the environment.

We are proud to say that we offer a wide variety of products with unique designs made with the best quality.

Our products are the result of innovative manufacturing measures, state of the art technology and highly qualified personnel that work each day to elaborate them. The company offers personalized packaging with a wide range of colors and sized to satisfy our customers every need.

To us, innovation is essential to continue growing as a company and establish ourselves as the leader in manufacturing within the region. This mentality has allowed us to expand our presence into different markets and strengthen our economic development.


Provide innovative quality packaging solutions that are friendly to the environment and satisfy our customers’ needs.


Integrity / Responsibility / Teamwork / Respect / Proactivity

Quality Standars

Bemisal has a commitment to offer the highest quality standards in the packaging industry. That’s why we’ve received certifications that endorse our work, and have positioned us as leaders in our industry nationally as well as internationally.