About the company

BEMISAL is a leading company in the manufacture and export of multipack paper bags,
commercial bags and flexible packaging that are friendly to the environment.

We provide quality supplies that guarantee the protection of your products.
We offer packaging solutions.

Our products are the end result of  state-of-the-art technology and a highly
qualified staff .that work 

Ensuring customer satisfaction is our goal.

We provide customized products, in a wide range of sizes and colors for industry and commerce.

For us, continuous improvement is part of our vision and has allowed us to actively participate
in markets, strengthening the economic development of our company


Provide innovative  quality packaging

solutions that are friendly to the environment

and satisfy  our customers’ needs.


Integrity • Responsibility

*Teamwork • Respect

* Proactivity


Our history

BEMISAL was born, a mixed investment company that included Bemis Company Inc. (investor from the United States) and Salvadoran capital.
Just four years after its founding, BEMISAL expands its clientele and starts exporting its products.
BEMISAL adopts European concepts and state-of-the-art technology. It becomes the first company in the region to offer cement bags with two layers.
The armed conflict in El Salvador is aggravated and the company suffers attacks, but its directors decide to seek new market niches. At the end of this decade, the company changed its name to BEMISAL S.A. of C.V.
BEMISAL achieves ISO 9001 certification and creates an environment of continuous improvement to offer products with "added value" to its customers.
The company adds a production network to serve the fast food market (QSR), which has 1,300 m2 of extension and cutting-edge machinery.
In this year the operation of Metapán is acquired, which has recreational areas and restaurants for workers.
The Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI) grants BEMISAL the "Entrepreneur Award", which is given to companies with an outstanding record and contribution to the economic and social development of El Salvador.
Coexport provides BEMISAL with the Exporter of the Year award for its renowned work in international markets.

BEMISAL receives recognition from the Pan-American Agricultural School, Zamorano, for support in the scholarship program.

The Commerce and Industry chamber (Santa Ana branch) granted to Bemisal S.A de C.V with the Cafeto prize for its contribution to the city development.

Social Projection:

Proyección Social

At BEMISAL we are committed to the education of children, adolescents and young people residing in communities.

Therefore, we have a Scholarship Program to benefit the children of employees that offers training opportunities to achieve their dreams and meet their professional goals.


Quality Standards:

Bemisal is committed to the highest standards in the packaging industry. Hence, we have received certifications that endorse our work and have positioned us with national and international leaders in the field.