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The Salvadoran packaging manufacturer Bemisal received the highest award given each year by the Exporters Corporation of El Salvador (Coexport), which recognized its trajectory in foreign markets.

“We all share dreams and sacrifices to achieve goals, and it is nice to receive a prize in recognition of our efforts,” said Francisco Quiñónez, president of Bemisal, during the acceptance speech of the Exporter Award.

During the XXXIX Awards for Outstanding Exporters, Coexport recognized the work of five companies that were selected out of a total of 22. The maximum award went to Bemisal, which has five decades of experience in the Salvadoran and regional markets.

Bemisal is a leading company in the paper, cardboard and graphic arts sector. It offers employment to 200 people and during festive seasons they expand between 40 to 50 places. It exports its products from the United States to Peru, especially throughout Central America, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Pablo Duran, president of Coexport, stressed that companies that market their products in foreign markets are now facing great challenges and therefore highlighted the work of companies like the award-winners, that “even in difficult situations like the ones we are experiencing, they continue complying with the demands demanded by international markets. “

In that sense, Quiñónez urged entrepreneurs to join efforts and find solutions to challenges such as the fiscal crisis, low economic growth, and growing migration. “We have serious fiscal problems, in addition to other worrying situations such as disorderly immigration. This means that entrepreneurs are called to join the search for solutions. And although late, this is the sector that can provide solutions to problems, “he said.

200 Jobs

Packaging company Bemisal provides a direct employment opportunity to 200 Salvadorans.

73% Contribution

The exports of the industry represent 73% of the total of goods that are sold abroad.

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