Graphic design

Bemisal has a team of graphic and structural designers. We offer complete services with all the requirements that are necessary for the creation of your concept or design for your special packaging.

Our team of professionals has the technical and creative knowledge to achieve the ideal conceptual representations for your company or product. Our job is to combine your ideas with the creative capabilities we offer to enhance your company.


Our specialization is to create solutions of great impact and benefit for our clients; we have the capacity and the necessary equipment to generate packaging with high graphics.

We have a flexographic printing system, which is used during the process of forming the bag (in line of printing) or before forming the bag, which is known as pre-printing.

Additional services

The art and pre-press department offers extensive graphic services to its direct customers of bags, sacks and rolls; likewise to the industry that needs fotolitoservice.
Some are:
• Elaboration of sketches.
• Preparation of digital arts.
• Color key.
• Negatives
• Positive.
• Photopolymer plates.